Finding a form name

To modify a form, you need to know its name. You can find a form’s name using the Window Descriptions window, which is part of the Resource Descriptions tool. Use the following steps to find a form’s name.

  1. Find the name of a window you want to modify.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, open a window that you want to modify. Note the window title. You will use this name to find out which form the window is part of. For example, the following illustration shows the window title for the Customer Maintenance window.


  1. Open the Window Descriptions window.

If you are in Microsoft Dynamics GP, open the Window Descriptions window by pointing to Resource Descriptions in the Tools menu, then choosing Windows. If you are already in the Modifier, choose Window Descriptions from the File menu.

  1. Locate the window.

In the Window Descriptions window, set the Product, Series and View By fields to locate the window. For example, to locate the Customer Maintenance window in Microsoft Dynamics GP, the product is Microsoft Dynamics GP and the series is Sales. Since you know the window display name (title), set the View By field to sort windows by the Window Display Name. Now you can locate the window name in the list.

  1. Find the form name.

Once you have found the window display name in the list, you can find the name of the form the window is part of. Continuing the example, the Customer Maintenance window is part of the RM_Customer_Maintenance form.

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