Opening a window layout

To open the layout for a window, open the Form Definition window for the form that contains the window. Click the Windows tab to display a list of windows for the form. Select a window and click Open.


If you are viewing the window you want to modify, you can point to Customize in the Tools menu and choose Modify Current Window. The Modifier will start, the form that contains the window will be added to the list of modified forms, and the layout for the window will be displayed.

The Layout window and Toolbox use a graphics metaphor you may already be familiar with: an assortment of tools you can use for drawing and creating text objects; a built-in grid that allows easy alignment of objects on the window; moveable objects in a layout like object-oriented drawing programs; and standard cut-copy-and-paste techniques so you can import graphics you create in other applications.

Changes you make to windows are saved only when the Layout window is closed. Save your work often by closing the Layout window and then reopening it to continue modifying the window.

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