Adding fields to the window

You can use the Modifier to add fields from a window’s auto-linked table, enabling you to display a more extensive range of information. Many Microsoft Dynamics GP windows are automatically linked to a particular table, making transfer of information between the window and table easier.

Some forms have several tables linked to them. However, each window can have only one auto-linked table. You can add fields from the window’s auto-linked table (displayed in the Properties window), but not from any other tables that may be linked to the form (displayed in the Form Tables window).

To add a field to the window, use the following steps.

  1. Drag the field to the window.

Select the appropriate field name from the window’s auto-linked table and drag it to the layout area.


  1. Set properties for the field.

Setting field properties is described earlier in a previous topic.

In most cases, it’s best to make the fields that you add to a window display-only. If you add editable fields to a window’s layout, be sure to test the modified window thoroughly. Use the lesson company to verify that information contained in the field is updated correctly, especially if the same field appears in more than one window within the same form.

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