Editing menu items

You can edit the display name and the names of the items in each menu attached to the form.

Display name

The display name is the name that appears when the menu is displayed as a submenu.

You can define an access key for the menu by placing an ampersand (&) in the menu display name. The ampersand won’t be displayed in the menu name. Instead, the character immediately following the ampersand will be underlined. To choose the menu, a user can press the alt key and the underlined character at the same time.

Menu items

The items in the menu are listed in the Menu Items list. To change the name of a menu item, select it in the list and then edit it in the Item Name field. The &, #, -, and ~ characters have special meaning in menu item names. These characters are described in the following table.





Causes the next character to appear underlined and act as the access key.


Draws an ellipsis (…) after the item.


If used as the item name, causes a separator line to appear in the menu. Use separator lines to group items in the menu.


Draws a forward slash (/).

You can define a shortcut for the menu item by selecting a value from the Shortcut field. The shortcut is CTRL + the specified character. To avoid conflicts, be sure the shortcut key isn’t used more than once.

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