Adding prompts

Once you’ve created a new field and added it to a window, you may want to create a prompt for the field. For the best appearance, the prompt should have characteristics similar to other prompts in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Use the following procedure to create a prompt.

  1. Create the prompt.

Select the Text tool in the Toolbox, then click in the layout area. Type the text for the prompt.

  1. Set the prompt properties.

Select the prompt with the Arrow tool. Set the following properties in the Properties window’s Visual tab:



3D Highlight


System - Button Face






System - Button Text





These settings allows the prompt color to automatically be updated based on the color scheme the user selects in the User Display Preferences window.

  1. Resize the prompt box.

With the Border property set to true, a border will appear for the prompt. Select the prompt using the arrow tool. Using the handles, adjust the prompt until it’s the desired size.

  1. Link the field to the prompt (optional).

You may want to link the field to the new prompt. This is especially useful if you set the field’s Required property to true. Then the prompt will visually indicate the field is required. Linking prompts is described in Linking fields to prompts.

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