Accessing third-party modifications

You can use the Modifier to make changes to forms that are part of third-party products created with Dexterity. Dexterity is the tool used to create Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you have third-party products that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you will be asked which product you want to modify when you start the Modifier.


Modified forms

Any modifications you make to a third-party product will be stored in a separate forms dictionary for that product. To access these modified forms, you must select the third-party product in the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window. You can then choose to use the modified version of the form.

Alternate forms

Some third-party developers create alternate windows. These are Microsoft Dynamics GP forms that the third-party developer has enhanced and transferred to their own dictionary. By choosing the third-party dictionary when you start the Modifier, you can make modifications to these alternate windows.

When using the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window to set access to these reports, choose the modified version of the alternate report to display the modifications you made. For example, the following illustration shows how you would display a modified version of the alternate Country Codes form provided by the SmartList dictionary.

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