Finding form and window information

The information in this procedure can be used to help you locate information about display names and technical names used for forms and windows in an application.

  1. Open the Window Descriptions window.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Resource Descriptions in the Tools menu and choose Windows.

In the Report Writer, Modifier, or Dexterity, choose Window Descriptions from the File menu.

  1. Select the product and series.

In the Window Descriptions window, select the product in which you want to search. Then select the series.

  1. Select a sorting method.

The sorting method you select will depend upon the information you need.

  1. View window information.

To find a particular window quickly, click the Find button and type the window name in the Find window (for windows). You can search by window display name, window technical name or form name.

  1. Print window information (optional).

To print the window names and information for the windows in the selected product and series, click Print.