Finding where field information is stored

This procedure describes how to find the table where a particular piece of information is stored.

  1. Find the field used to enter or display the information.

Note the exact name of the window where the information you want is displayed, as well as the prompt name of the field the information is displayed in. For instance, if you want to find where account description information is stored, locate a window containing a field used to display account descriptions.

  1. View window information for the window where the field appears.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Resource Descriptions in the Tools menu and choose Windows. In the Report Writer, Modifier, or Dexterity, choose Window Descriptions from the File menu.

Select the series and window name. Be sure to sort by Window Display Name.

  1. Locate the field name and window tables.

The window's fields will be displayed in the Window Fields list. Any field not beginning with (L) will typically be stored in a table. Locate the field you want, keeping in mind that the field name may not be the same as the prompt that appears next to it.

In addition, note the tables accessed by the window, listed in the Tables list.

  1. View field information for the field.

Open the Field Descriptions window. Select the series and field name. The list of tables that contain the field is located at the bottom of the window.