Finding field information

Use the steps in this procedure to find information about fields within the application. You can use this information to ascertain which tables contain a particular field, as well as specific information about each field's characteristics.

  1. Open the Field Descriptions window.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Resource Descriptions in the Tools menu and choose Fields.

In the Report Writer, Modifier, or Dexterity, choose Field Descriptions from the File menu.

  1. Select the product and series.

In the Field Descriptions window, select the product that contains the field you want to view. Then select the "core," or series.

  1. Select the field.

When you select a series, all the fields within that series will be displayed in the Fields list. Select the field you need information for.

Some field names are different from the prompts that appear in windows. If you're not sure of the field name, use the Finding form and window information procedure to find out which fields appear in the window, and then display information about the field.

  1. View table information.

When you select a field, the Tables Containing Field list will display all tables where the field is stored.

  1. View additional field information.

Click the Field Info button to view additional field information about the selected field.