Report Writer tasks

You can use the Report Writer to perform three basic tasks: Modifying existing reports, creating new reports, and making global changes for reports.

Modifying existing reports

With the Report Writer, you can change the appearance of individual reports in the accounting system. This allows you to customize your system to meet your specific needs. For instance, a common modification is changing the layout of an invoice to match the invoice format you currently use.

Creating new reports

Though many predefined reports are included with the accounting system, a specific report you need may not be available. You can use the Report Writer to create new reports for the accounting system.

Making global report changes

The Report Writer also allows you to make changes that will be reflected in reports throughout the accounting system. For example, most of the strings that are displayed in reports can be modified. If you were to modify the string “ZIP Code” and change it to be “Postal Code”, the change would be seen in every report in which the string “ZIP Code” was used.

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