The following items are available in the Report Writer menu bar.

File: Print Setup

This menu item opens the printer setup dialog box. This dialog box allows you to configure the currently selected printer.

File: Generate Resource Reports

This menu item prints a resource report for the application. The resource report is a text file that lists all resources in the current dictionary, their internal resource IDs and any resources associated with the listed resource. When you choose Generate Resource Reports, a dialog box will appear and allow you to name the report and select its location.

File: Process Monitor

This menu option opens the Process Monitor window. This window displays activity for tasks that you choose to process in the “background” within your application.

File: <<Main Application Name>>

The name of this menu item changes based on the application being used. Choosing the menu item allows you to exit the Report Writer and return to the main application.

File: Table/Field/Window Descriptions

These menu items open forms in the Resource Descriptions tool. This tool displays information about all the tables, fields and windows used in the current dictionary.

File: Exit

This menu item allows you to exit the application.

Edit: Undo

This menu item will undo the last keyboard entry in an editable field. It will also undo field movement and sizing in a layout window, but not the addition or removal of fields, text or graphics from a layout window.

Edit: Cut/Copy/Paste

These menu items allow you to copy text or graphics to the Clipboard, then paste it in a different location. You cannot cut, copy or paste fields.

Edit: Clear

This menu item allows you to remove text from an editable field, or remove selected items from the layout area.

Edit: Select All

This menu item allows you to select the entire entry in a field, or all items in the layout area for a report.

Macro: (all)

The items available from the Macro menu allow you to record and play macros.

Resources: (all)

The items in the Resources menu allow you to access the various resources in the application. Resources available from this menu include all resources accessed from the toolbar, as well as other resources (such as formats and strings).


This menu displays a list of the windows currently open. Selecting a window from this menu makes the window active.

Help: Lookup

This menu item opens any lookup window for the current field.

Help: Contents

This menu item displays the contents topic for the Report Writer online help.

Help: Search for Help On

This menu item displays the search window for the help system, allowing you to search the Report Writer online help.

Help: Window Help

This menu item displays help for the current window in the Report Writer.

Help: About

This menu item displays the About window for the main application.

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