Table types

To work with the Microsoft Dynamics GP database, you need to know some specific information about tables in the database. Most of the information you’ll need to access when creating reports will be stored in one of the following types of tables. Knowing which type of table contains the information you want will help you find the data you need.

Setup tables contain all the default settings and module options you’ve specified in the setup windows for each series.

Master tables contain all the permanent data about your business. These may include information about accounts, vendors, customers, items, and so on.

Work tables contain unposted batches of transactions entered using transaction windows in the system. These transactions are temporary and can be changed or deleted until they are posted to an open table.

Open tables contain posted transactions for the current year, of which some may be unpaid. Information in open tables is moved to history tables when the transactions are paid.

History tables contain paid transactions, or transactions from a previous year.

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