Viewing virtual table information

You can use the Report Writer to view information about virtual tables in the current dictionary. Use the following procedure to do so.

  1. Open the virtual table definition.

On the Report Writer toolbar, choose Virtual Tables from the Tables menu. The Virtual Tables window will open. Select a virtual table and click open.

  1. View the list of member tables.

Select the Tables tab in the Virtual Table Definition window to view the list of standard tables from which the virtual table is accessing data. You may find it useful to examine virtual tables to find out where various types of information are stored in the database.

  1. View the virtual table fields.

Select the Tables tab to display a list of the fields that are included in the virtual table. These are typically a subset of the fields in the member tables, and are the only fields you can use from the virtual table.

  1. View the virtual table keys.

Select the Keys tab to display the keys available for accessing information from the virtual table. Only keys from the primary table can be used. Often, only a subset of keys is made available for the virtual table.

  1. View the member table relationships (optional).

Select the Relationships tab to view information about how the member tables are related to each other. You may find this information useful if you need to create table relationships for other tables in the application.

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