Viewing from the application

If you want to view a modified report from within the application, you must use the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window in Microsoft Dynamics GP to grant access. To open this window, choose Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> System >> Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports.

Complete the following procedure to specify that a modified report should be used.

  1. Specify the ID.

Select the ID for the set of forms and report you are modifying. The users that you want to view the modified version of the report must be assigned to use the set of modified/alternate forms and reports you selected. The User Security Setup window is used to specify the set of modified/alternate forms and reports for each user.

  1. Select the product containing the modified the report.

This is the product in which the report was originally defined.

  1. Choose to display reports.

Choose Reports as the type of resource to display. The tree view will be filled with the modified reports available.

  1. Locate the modified report.

Expand the nodes in the tree view to locate the report that you modified. The reports are organized by series.

  1. Choose to use the modified report.

The original and modified versions of the report will be listed. Mark the modified version.

If you later wanted to use the original version of the report, you would mark the original report instead.

  1. Save the changes.

Click Save to save the changes.

After you have set access to the modified report, print it as you typically would. Be sure the user printing the report is assigned to the appropriate set of modified/alternate forms and reports. For more information about printing reports, refer to Printing and Mailing Reports.


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