Adding or removing fields

The reports provided with Microsoft Dynamics GP contain the fields that are required for a typical user. However, some reports may contain fields that aren’t required by a specific user. Still other reports may not include information that would be beneficial for your organization.

Adding fields

If the tables that contain the necessary fields are already part of the report, adding fields to the report layout is as simple as dragging them from the Toolbox to the Layout window. Just select the appropriate table in the Toolbox and drag the fields to the appropriate section of the report layout.

If the necessary tables aren’t linked to the tables already used for report, you will need to link them. Linking tables is described in Creating a new report definition. If the appropriate table relationships aren’t set up between the tables you need to link to your report, you will need to create the relationships. This is described in Table Relationships.

The Knowledge Base at contains several entries that describe how to add specific fields to common reports.

Removing fields

If a report contains fields you don’t need, you may want to remove them from the report layout. To ensure that the report continues to work properly, we recommend that you don’t remove fields from the report. Rather, we suggest that you set the Field Options for the report to make the field invisible.

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