Static values

Certain control types allow you to specify static values for the data type. Static values are any text or pictures associated with a data type that are displayed by a field using that data type. For example, the text on a push button and the items in a list box are static values. To view the static values for a data type, click the Static Values lookup button.


The following table lists the control types that use static text values which can appear on reports.


Control type

Static text used to:

Drop-down list

Indicate the selections in the drop-down list.

List box

Indicate the selections in the list box.

Visual switch

Display two or more text values that will be displayed in sequence as the user clicks the visual switch.

The Static Text Values window is used to specify the static text for drop-down lists, list boxes, and visual switches.


To edit a static text value, select it in the Static Text Values list. Make the appropriate changes in the New Value field, then click Replace.

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