Guidelines for using logos

A company logo is a common picture used on reports. Use the following guidelines to ensure a logo has the best appearance on a report.

For example, the following illustration shows the Microsoft logo that was added to a report in the Report Writer. The logo is black and white, and is 1580 pixels wide and 267 pixels tall. After adding the logo, it appeared at full size.


Once the logo was added to the report, the resize handles on the graphic were used to reduce the size of the illustration to 2 inches wide, or 144 pixels. This is shown in the following illustration.


You can use the horizontal and vertical size indication in the Toolbox to maintain the aspect ratio of the logo when you reduce its size. For example, when the Microsoft Business Solutions logo was reduced from 1580 to 144 pixels wide, the corresponding height was reduced from 267 to 25 pixels.

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