Key options

The database type specified for a table determines which sets of key options are available for each key. The following key options are important to understand in the Report Writer:

Duplicates   Specifies whether multiple records in the table can have the same key value. If this option is marked, new records that have the same key values as records already in the table can be saved. If the option isn’t marked, new records with the same key values as existing records won’t be saved.

When you create a table relationship based a key that allows duplicate records, you are creating a one-to-many relationship.

Create Index   If this option for SQL tables is marked, an index in the SQL database will be created for the table based upon this key definition. The index contains a copy of the data in the key’s key segments and pointers to the associated records in the table. An index allows data to be retrieved from the table more quickly.

If Create Index is marked, the following options are available:

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