Printing custom reports

Custom reports are those that you created from scratch in the Report Writer, or those that you created based on a copy of an existing report. To print custom reports from the accounting system, you need to set appropriate access to them with system security. This is described in Accessing custom reports.

You can print custom reports from two places within Microsoft Dynamics GP. The first is the Custom Report List, which is accessed from the Administration group in the Navigation Pane. This report list will contain all of the custom reports the current user has been granted access to. The second location is the Custom Reports window. To print custom reports through this window, complete the following procedure.

  1. Open the Custom Reports window.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, choose Customized from the Reports menu.


The Custom Reports window will be displayed.

  1. Select a product and series.

Select the product and series that contain the reports you want to print. The custom reports in the specified product and series will appear in the Custom Reports list.

  1. Select the reports to print.

In the Custom Reports list, select the reports you want to print and click Insert to add the report to the Print List. If you want to print reports from another series, select the series and add additional reports.

  1. Specify a destination for each report.

Select each report in the Print List and click Destination. In the Report Destination window, specify whether you want to send the report to the screen, the printer, or a file.

  1. Print the reports.

Click Print to print all of the reports in the Print List to their specified destinations.

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