Printing modified reports

To print modified reports from the accounting system, you need to set appropriate access to them with system security. This is described in Accessing modified reports. After you have set appropriate access to the report, complete the following procedure to print the report:

  1. Open a Reports window.

Most reports are accessed from the Reports menu, that appears in the Microsoft Dynamics GP main menu. These same reports can also be accessed from the Reports section of each Area page. Choose a report from the menu or from an Area page.

Refer to the documentation for each module for detailed information about printing specific reports.

  1. Select the report to print.

In the Reports window, select report you want to print from the drop-down list.

  1. Specify the report option to use.

Choose an existing report option in the Options list, or click New to create a new report option. The report option specifies characteristics of how the report will be printed, such as sorting and restrictions.

  1. Set the characteristics of the report option (optional).

If you want to change the characteristics of how the report is printed, such as sorting, restrictions, and output destination, click Modify to modify the report options.

Refer to the online help for each report options window for more information about setting options for a specific report.

  1. Add the report to the list of reports to print.

With the report option selected, click Insert to add the report to the Print List.

  1. Print the report.

Click Print to print the reports in the Print List.

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