Report definition settings

Several settings are available for a report definition to allow using preprinted forms with the Report Writer. The following settings apply to preprinted forms:

Preprinted Form   This setting allows you to remove the built-in margin from the report layout, so you can print fields as close to the edge of the form you’re using as your printer permits. When this setting is marked, items are printed on paper exactly where you placed them in the layout.

Six Lines Per Inch   This setting allows you to specify that exactly six lines of text will be printed in each inch of space on a text report. Many preprinted forms are based on six lines per inch, so this makes it simpler to match the report layout to the preprinted form.

This setting also prevents fonts from becoming too small when printed in compressed text. The font will shrink in width so that each line of the report will fit in the space available, but doesn’t shrink in height so that more than six lines of text will be printed in an inch.

First Page Header and Last Page Footer    These settings typically should be unmarked when you are using preprinted forms.

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