Reports dictionary

All changes and additions you make using the Report Writer are stored in the reports dictionary for the application. By storing the new and modified resources in a separate dictionary, the integrity of the main dictionary can be maintained. For example, the following illustration shows the dictionary for Microsoft Dynamics GP and its associated reports dictionary.


When you access the Report Writer for the first time, all of the core resources for the application dictionary are copied to the reports dictionary. Core resources include strings, data types, and global fields that are used by several parts of the system. Once core resources have been copied to the Reports dictionary, the runtime engine will look there first when it retrieves resources from the dictionary. Any additions or modifications you make to core resources will be stored in the reports dictionary. The modifications will be accessed automatically when you use Microsoft Dynamics GP.

When you create a new report, or select a report to modify, that report is copied into the reports dictionary. Any modifications or additions you make to that report will be stored only in the reports dictionary. To access the modifications you make to reports, you must set security in the accounting system to access the modified report. This is described in Accessing Reports.

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