Exporting a package file

Package files are created using the Customization Maintenance window. Complete the following procedure to create a package file.

  1. Open the Customization Maintenance window.

Open this window by pointing to Customize in the Tools menu and choosing Customization Maintenance.

  1. Select the components needed for the customization.

The Customization Maintenance window lists all of the components that have been customized with the Modifier, Report Writer, or VBA. Select all of the components that are required for your customization.


To select non-contiguous items in the list, hold down the cCTRL key and click the items.

Click Export. A file dialog will appear, allowing you to specify the name of the package file. Be sure the file has the .package extension. The results of the export operation will be displayed in the status area at the bottom of the window.

Note that some global changes you make with the Modifier and Report Writer can’t be included in a package file. For instance, changes to picture resources or global data types won’t be included in package files.

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