Add-in for Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in for Microsoft Word is used when creating the layout of the Word template document for a report. You need it only if you are going to modify existing Word template documents or create new Word template documents.

This add-in is an additional product that can be installed. It is accessed from the main Microsoft Dynamics GP installer.

After installing the Microsoft Word add-in, you access it through the Developer tab in the Ribbon. To display the Developer tab, go to the Office menu and choose Word Options. In the Word Options window, select the Popular category. Mark Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon, and then click OK.

The following illustration shows the group that is added to the Ribbon.


The Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in is used to add fields, captions, and legends from the various sections of the report to the report template layout. It is also used to work with the data sources (report definition information) that is embedded in the report template document.

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