Fields, captions, and legends

After the tables that define the overall structure of the report template document have been created, you will add fields, captions, and legends. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in for Microsoft Word is used to do this.

Adding an item

To add a field, caption, or legend, complete the following steps:

  1. Display the Developer tab.


  1. Click Field List in the Microsoft Dynamics GP group.

The Custom XML Mapping pane will be displayed. This pane provides access to the report definition data that was embedded into the report template document when it was created.

  1. Select an XML resource.

In the drop-down list in the Custom XML Mapping pane, select the XML resource for the report. Typically, there is only one XML resource. The Report Section list will be filled with the sections in the report.

  1. Select a report section.

Select the section of the report from which you want to add items. The Fields list will be filled with the fields, captions, and legends that are contained in that section from the report definition.

  1. Add items to the layout.

Drag items from the Fields list to the cells in the layout of the report template document. Caption items will display the text of the caption. Other fields will display placeholder characters that show the maximum length of the data in the field.

Use the guidelines in the following table when deciding which section of the Field List in the Custom XML Mapping pane to drag items from when you place them in the layout of the report template.


Location in report template

Source in Field List

Page Header table


Report Header table


Body table




Report Footer table


Page Footer table


If you place items from the field list into an inappropriate location in the report template, their values will not appear in the generated report.

  1. Specify the appearance of the item.

Use the standard features of Microsoft Word to specify characteristics like the font, style, and alignment.

Removing an item

To remove a field, caption, or legend, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the item in the document.

The tag containing the name of the field will be displayed.


  1. Click on the tag.

Click the tag to select it.


  1. Remove the item.

Press the Backspace key to remove the item from the report template layout.

Displaying item properties

You may want to view the properties of a field, caption, or legend after it has been added to the report template document. The properties of an item show you what section of the report data the item originated from.

To display the properties, click on the item in the document. In the Developer tab, click Properties.


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