Using the modified report template document

To use the modified report template document, you must assign it to be used with the modified report. To do this, complete the following procedure:

  1. Open Report Template Maintenance.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, choose Template Maintenance from the Reports menu.

  1. Select the modified version of the report.

Choose More Reports in the Report Name drop-down list. In the Reports lookup window, select the modified report. Click Select.

  1. Assign the modified report template.

In the Report Template Maintenance window, select the modified report, and then click Assign. Use the Company Assignment window to assign the modified report template to a company.

Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP must be configured to that the modified version of the report is used. Refer to Accessing modified reports for details about how to do this. When the report is run, the Report Type drop-down list in the Report Destination window will have the Template choice available. If you choose Template, the modified report template for the modified version of the report will be used to generate the output in Microsoft Word format.

Continuing the example from the previous sections, the modified report template for the SOP Blank Quote Form was assigned to the Fabrikam sample company. When the modified SOP Blank Quote Form report is run, and Template is chosen as the report type, the modified report template is used to generate the output as a Microsoft Word document. In this example, the output contains the e-mail address that was added to the modified report.

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