Multiple third-party products

By default, VBA can work with objects from the dictionary that the VBA project is associated with. For example, the Microsoft Dynamics GP VBA project can work with resources from the Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary (Dynamics.dic). It is possible to have your VBA project reference objects in other dictionaries. To do this, you must create a reference in the VBA project to the other dictionary.

To create a reference from a VBA project to another dictionary, select the VBA project in the VBA Explorer. Choose References from the Tools menu in the VBA environment. Mark the check box for the dictionary you want to make references to.

When creating references to other dictionaries, you can’t have circular references. For example, if your Microsoft Dynamics GP VBA project references the SmartList dictionary, the VBA project for the SmartList dictionary cannot have a reference back to the Microsoft Dynamics GP project.

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