Check box


A check box allows the user to mark or unmark an item.


All VBA field events function for a focusable check box field.

VBA usage

VBA uses numeric values when referencing a check box field. If 1, the check box is marked; if 0, the check box is unmarked.


You can change a check box caption using the Caption property. For two or more check boxes linked to a single caption (such as the Calendar Year and Fiscal Year check boxes linked to the Maintain History caption), you can change only the check box group caption, not the captions for individual check boxes.


The following event procedure runs when the Sales Territory Maintenance window opens. It marks the first check box (Calendar Year) in the Maintain History group, and unmarks the second check box (Fiscal Year):

Private Sub Window_AfterOpen()
	'Mark this check box when the window opens
	MaintainHistory = 1
	'Unmark this check box when the window opens
	MaintainHistory1 = 0
End Sub

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