Radio button


A radio button field appears within a radio button group. You can select only one button in the group.


When you select a radio button in a radio button group, the BeforeUserChanged and AfterUserChanged events occur for the entire group. All other VBA field events occur for the entire radio button group, as you move the focus to and from the group.

VBA usage

VBA uses numeric values when referencing a radio button group. The numeric value indicates the selected radio button in the group and corresponds to the order each radio button appears in the tab sequence, starting with 0 for the first field in the sequence. In the Typical Balance radio button group pictured above, the Debit field is 0 and the Credit field is 1.


You can change the radio button group’s caption using the Caption property. You cannot change the captions for individual radio buttons.


The following example selects the Code radio button control in the Method Of Entry radio button group when the window opens:

Private Sub Window_BeforeOpen
	'Set the Code radio button
	MethodofEntry = 1
End Sub

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