A string field allows you to enter and view up to 255 text characters.


All VBA field events function for a focusable string field.

VBA usage

VBA uses a string value when referencing string fields. If you set the value of a string field that uses a format (such as a phone number field), include all formatting characters, including parentheses, static text, dashes and spaces. When you return the value of a formatted string value, VBA returns the formatted string value.


The following example sets the value of the Batch ID string field when the user chooses a document type from the Document Type drop-down list in the Receivables Transaction Entry window:

Private Sub DocumentType_AfterUserChanged()
	Select Case DocumentType
	'Move the focus to the Batch ID field and set the value
		Case 1
		Case 7
		Case Else
	End Select
End Sub

In the following example, the procedure sets the value of the Phone 1 field using a formatted string:

Private Sub CustomerID_Changed()
	If CustomerID = "AARONFIT0001" Then
		Phone1 = "(701) 555-7890  Ext. 1234"
	End If
End Sub

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