A text field displays up to 32,000 text characters.


All VBA field events function for a focusable text field.

VBA usage

VBA uses a string value when referencing a text field. The string value cannot exceed 32,000 characters.


Microsoft Dynamics GP uses text fields primarily in Note windows.


The following example adds a note to an Invoice record when the customer purchases over $2,000. The message added to the text field in the Note window explains that the customer received a 4% trade discount:

Private Sub TradeDiscount_AfterGotFocus()
	If Subtotal >= 2000 And TradeDiscount = 0 Then
		'Click the note button to open the Note window
		NoteAbsentButtonWindowArea = 2
		'Add a message to the text field
		Note.TextField = "Customer " + Name1 + " purchased " + _
		"over $2,000. The trade discount for Customer " + Name1 + _
		" was calculated and applied at 4%."
		'Click the Attach button to save the note
		Note.Attach = 2
		'Set the trade discount to 4% of the subtotal
		InvoiceEntry.TradeDiscount = Subtotal * 0.04 
	End If
End Sub

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