Using grid properties and methods

There are two properties available for the grid object: the Name property (grid) and the EventMode property (grid).

Changing a grids name

The Name property (grid) allows you to change the name you use in VBA code to reference the grid. You can change a grid’s name using the Visual Basic Properties window, and the name will change in your project. You should then recompile your project to replace any references to the previous grid name. You may want to rename a grid to make it more readable.

Using the EventMode property

You can choose whether window events occur for the modified or original version of a grid using the EventMode property (grid). If you use the Modifier to modify a window containing a grid, and you want VBA grid events to occur for the modified window, change the EventMode property for both the window and the grid object to emModifiedOnly. If you make no modifications to a Microsoft Dynamics GP window or grid using the Modifier, the default value for the EventMode property is emOriginalOnly.

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