Structure of the DUOS

The DUOS is composed of user-defined collections, each of which can store several data objects. Each data object can contain several properties and property values. The following table shows the structure of the DUOS that contains two user-defined collections (Customers and Items):


A data object must have at least one property name to remain persistent in the DUOS.

Microsoft Dynamics GP stores DUOS data objects in a table named SY_User_Object_Store (SY90000.*). This table is company-specific, so Microsoft Dynamics GP stores data objects you create for each company in separate tables, located in separate directories. The combination of the collection name, object ID, property name and property value all make up a single record in this table:


If two additional properties and property values are added to the ITM001 data object, the accounting system adds two records to this table:


Since Microsoft Dynamics GP stores DUOS data objects in a table, you can use table maintenance windows to perform routine table maintenance.

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