DUOS properties and methods

Properties and methods you’ll use for the DUOS are members of three objects and two collections in VBA. The following table lists each object, its member properties and methods, and a brief description of each:


Object/ Collection

Property/ Method


Global object

DUOSObjectCombineID method

Combines two strings to generate a unique object ID.

DUOSObjectExtractID method

Extracts two strings from a combined object ID.

DUOSObjectsGet method

Returns or creates a user-defined collection in the DUOS.

DUOSObjects collection

Exists property

Returns whether a data object exists in a user-defined collection.

Item property

Returns a data object from a user-defined collection.

SortByExisting property

Specifies the property used to sort the data objects in a user-defined collection.

Type property

Returns the name of a user-defined collection the data object belongs to.

Remove method

Removes a data object from a user-defined collection.

DUOSObject object

ID property

Returns the object ID for a data object.

Properties property

Returns properties for a data object.

DUOSProperties collection

Count property

Specifies the number of properties in a data object.

Exists property

Specifies whether a property exists for a data object

Item property

Returns or creates a user-defined property in a data object.

Remove method

Removes a user-defined property from a data object.

DUOSProperty object

Name property

Specifies the name of a user-defined property.

Value property

Specifies the value of a user-defined property.

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