Package file import/export issues

There are some additional issues you need to be aware of when importing and exporting package files, concerning how customized resources are stored by Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP contains forms, which are groups of windows, menus and other resources that work together for a common purpose. A form can have several windows, but you can make customizations to individual windows with the Modifier and VBA. When you export a form to a package file, you are exporting all of the windows in that form, not just the windows you modified or applied VBA code to.

This fact is important to keep in mind when you import a package file that contains customized forms. If a customized version of the form already exists in the system and you import another set of customizations for that same form, the original customizations will be overwritten. This occurs even if the customizations are made for different windows in the form.

A similar issue occurs for reports. If you’ve made customizations to a report, then import a package that contains customizations for that same report, the existing customizations will be overwritten.

A warning message is automatically displayed allowing you to cancel an import operation that will overwrite existing customizations.

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