Visible property (window)


The Visible property specifies whether an open window is visible.


window.Visible [= boolean]


window – A window object.

boolean – If True, the window is visible. If False, the window is invisible.


You can make any window invisible, provided it’s open (its IsLoaded property is True). While invisible, data in the window is still accessible. Use this property when you want to reference data displayed in a window without making the window visible.

You can also make a window invisible using the Hide method (window) or the OpenVisible parameter of the window’s BeforeOpen event.

When you open a window, the accounting system implicitly opens all the windows in the form invisibly, then displays the first window in the form (the parent window). The child windows in the form remain invisible, but loaded. You can use the Visible property to selectively display invisible child windows without explicitly opening them.

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