Enabled property


The Enabled property specifies whether a window field is enabled. The user can’t change the contents of a disabled field.


field.Enabled [= boolean]


field – A window field object.

boolean – If True, the field is enabled and editable. If False, the field is disabled.


A disabled field appears dimmed, along with its caption, the field’s value, and any related controls.

You can set the value of a field you’ve disabled using VBA. You cannot set the value of a field disabled by the accounting system, nor can you enable the field. For most windows, Microsoft Dynamics GP application code disables and enables fields based on entries made by the user. You can always return a disabled field’s value.

Keep in mind that a disabled field is not the same as a locked field (a field whose Locked property is True). If True, the Locked property makes the field non-editable, but doesn’t dim the field’s value, prompt and related controls.

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