Object property


The Object property returns a field object without the standard properties and methods extended to it by Visual Basic.

VBA requires host applications to define an Object property within an object model. For your applications, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to use this property.


field.Object [.property | .method]


field – A window field or report field object.

• [.property | .method] – The Microsoft Dynamics GP “custom” property or method for the field object you’re referencing. This cannot be a “standard” property or method assigned to it by VBA.


Use the Object property to reference “custom” properties and methods assigned to the field object exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics GP. For field objects, custom properties and methods include:




Caption property

Locked property

Empty property

Required property

Enabled property

Value property (report and window fields)

FocusSeg method

Visible property (report and window fields)

In addition to custom properties and methods, VBA assigns each field object “standard” properties and methods. (VBA sometimes calls these “extender” properties and methods). In the field object library, these are the methods and properties not shown in the above table. You cannot reference VBA’s standard properties and methods using the Object property.

The primary use of the Object property is to resolve naming conflicts between custom properties and methods supplied by a VBA host application for an object, and standard properties and methods supplied by VBA for the same object. If a custom property or method supplied by a VBA host application uses the same name as a standard property or method supplied by VBA, VBA automatically uses the standard property or method.

In these cases, the Object property allows you to bypass the VBA-supplied standard property or method and use the identically-named property or method defined by the host application.

Since there are no inherent naming conflicts with VBA methods and properties for field objects, you don’t need to use this property when working with field objects.

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