TabStop property


The TabStop property specifies whether a field is in the window’s tab sequence.


field.TabStop [= boolean]


field – A field object.

boolean – If True, the field is in the window’s tab sequence. If False, the field is not in the tab sequence.


The tab sequence is the order in which the focus moves through fields when the user presses the TAB key. Removing a field from the tab sequence bypasses the field when you press the TAB key. If you add the field back to the sequence, it maintains its original order in the sequence.

Removing a rarely-used field from the tab sequence allows users to move from field to field more efficiently. Once you remove a field from the tab sequence, the user can still place the focus in the field using the mouse. This setting doesn’t affect the user’s ability to enter data in the field.

Since you cannot place the focus in hidden, locked or disabled fields, the accounting system ignores these fields in the tab sequence.

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