BeforeAF event


The BeforeAF event occurs before each instance of the specified additional footer prints.


report_BeforeAF(ByVal Level As Integer, SuppressBand As Boolean)


report – A report object.

By Val Level As Integer – The index of the additional footer the event will occur for. Since a report may have more than one additional footer (indicated by F1, F2 and so on), use the Level parameter to specify which additional footer you want the event to occur for.

SuppressBand As Boolean – If True, the instance of the specified additional footer won’t print and no VBA events will occur for it. Other portions of the report won’t be affected.


Use the BeforeAF event to reference fields an additional footer. A report may have none, one or several additional footers. Each prints when the data in the field it is based on changes. Microsoft Dynamics GP uses additional footers to display summary data, such as a total of all records in the report’s body.

If the report has only one additional footer, the BeforeAF event occurs only for that additional footer, and you don’t need to set a value for the Level parameter.

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