DUOSObjectCombineID method


The DUOSObjectCombineID method constructs a DUOS data object ID using two string values.


DUOSObjectsCombineID(string1, string2)


string1 – The string you’re combining with string2.

string2 – The string you’re combining with string1.

Return value

A combined string composed of string1 and string2.


Data objects you define in the DUOS must have a unique object ID within a collection. If you create a data object with an object ID that already exists in the collection, the new data object will overwrite the existing object. To avoid duplicate object IDs, create a unique ID using this method.

In most cases, you can assign the value of a Microsoft Dynamics GP control field as the object’s ID. A control field, such as a customer ID or a document number, controls the display of a record in a window, and is a unique value in the accounting system.

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