DUOSObjectExtractID method


The DUOSObjectExtractID method extracts two strings combined using the DUOSObjectCombineID method.


DUOSObjectCombineID(objectID, string1, string2)


objectID – A string constructed using the DUOSObjectCombineID method.

string1 – The string combined with string2 to construct the objectID.

string2 – The string combined with string1 to construct the objectID.

Return value

A boolean indicating whether the objectID was combined using the DUOSObjectCombineID method. If True, objectID was combined.


Use the DUOSObjectExtractID method to return the original string values combined using the DUOSObjectCombineID method. Extracting an object ID returns the original combined string values. This is useful if you want to update DUOS data objects based on one of the original string values.

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