DUOSObjectsGet method


The DUOSObjectsGet method returns a DUOS collection for the current company.




collection_name – A string specifying the collection you’re working with. If the specified collection_name doesn’t exist for the current company, this method creates it.

Return value

A collection specified by collection_name.


Use the DUOSObjectsGet method to specify a collection in the DUOS and assign it to a DUOSObjects variable. For instance, the following example returns a collection named “Customers”:

Dim CustomerCollection As DUOSObjects
Set CustomerCollection = DUOSObjectsGet("Customers")

You can use the DUOSObjectsGet method to retrieve an existing collection or create a new collection.

If the collection_name specified does not exist, this method creates the collection with that collection_name.

Data stored in the DUOS is company-specific, so collections defined in company A don’t exist when you’re accessing the DUOS in company B.

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