Item property


The Item property returns a property object from a properties collection.




DUOSProperties – A collection of properties for a data object.

index – The property object’s name (a string) or the position (an integer) of the property object in the collection.


If you reference the property position in the index, the position starts at 1 for the first property in the data object. The order you added the property to the data object determines the property object’s position.

If you reference the property name in the index, and the name does not exist, the Item property creates a property in the collection with that name.

The Item property is the default member of the DUOSProperties collection. If you omit the Item property from your VBA code, the collection assumes you’re returning the property for the specified properties collection. The following example includes the Item property:

ItemProperties.Item("Item Color")

This example omits the Item property:

ItemProperties("Item Color")

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