A user who has an administrator role can grant or deny access to companies in Management Reporter.

Security note Security Note

Granting or denying access in Management Report only prevents users from logging into a company or generating report data from a company in Management Reporter. Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system may also have additional security measures to grant or prevent access to this data.

Manage user and group access to a company

  1. Open Report Designer. In the navigation pane, click Security, and then click Companies.

  2. Double-click a company name to open the Modify Company Accessdialogue box.

    • To add a user or group, click Add. In the Add Users and Groupsdialogue box, select one or more users or groups. To select more than one user or group name, hold down the Ctrl key as you select the user or group name.

    • To remove a user, select the user name, and then click Remove.

  3. Click OK.

Tip Tip

You can also set up multiple groups to manage security. A group can be used to manage multiple users who have access to specific companies or to specific groups of companies. For more information, see Manage user groups .

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