Building blocks are the row definitions, column definitions, reporting tree definitions, and report definitions that you create for a report. Building block groups are collections of the definitions and dimension sets that are associated with a company in Management Reporter. Building block groups can be company specific, or several companies can share the same set of building blocks. If you have companies that have a different chart of accounts, you may consider using a different building block group per company. Alternatively, you can consider naming all of your individual building blocks to reflect with which company they are compatible.

Create a building block group

  1. In Report Designer, on the Companymenu, click Building block groups.

  2. In the Building block groupsdialogue box, click New.

  3. Enter a unique name and description for the building block group. Each field can contain a maximum of 256 characters, including spaces.

  4. Click OKto create the new building block group.

Assign a building block group

After you a create block group, you must assign it to a company or companies in order to be used. You can then create report, row, column, and reporting tree definitions and save them within the building block group.

  1. In Report Designer, on the Companymenu, click Companies.

  2. In the Companiesdialogue box, select the company to assign a building block group to.

  3. Click Modify.

  4. In the Modify Companydialogue box, in the Building block groupfield, select the building block group to assign to the company, or click Newto create a new building block group.

  5. Click OKto assign the building block group.

  6. Click Closeto exit the Modify Companydialogue box. The building block group that you selected in step 4 is now assigned to the company.

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