Microsoft is committed to making its products and services easier for everyone to use. The following topics provide information about the features, products, and services that make Management Reporter easier to use for people with differing abilities:

Accessibility features of Management Reporter Help

Management Reporter Help includes features that make it accessible to a variety of users that include those who have limited dexterity, low vision, and differing abilities.

Keyboard shortcuts for using the Help window

To do this

Use this keyboard shortcut

Display the Help window


Switch the pointer between the Help topic pane and the navigation pane (tabs such as Contents, Search, and Index)


Change between tabs, for example, Contents, Search, and Index, when in the navigation pane

Alt+underlined letter of the tab

Select the next hidden text or hyperlink


Perform the action for the selected Show All, Hide All, hidden text, or hyperlink


Display the Optionsmenu to access any Help toolbar command


Hide or show the pane that contains the Contents, Search, and Indextabs

Alt+O, and then press T

Display the previously viewed topic

Alt+O, and then press B

Display the next topic in a previously displayed sequence of topics

Alt+O, and then press F

Return to a specified home page

Alt+O, and then press H

Stop the Help window from opening a Help topic. This is useful to stop a Web page from being downloaded.

Alt+O, and then press S

Open the Internet Optionsdialogue box for Microsoft Internet Explorer, where you can change accessibility settings.

Alt+O, and then press I

Refresh the topic. This is useful if you have linked to a Web page.

Alt+O, and then press R

Print all topics in a book or a selected topic only

Alt+O, and then press P

Close the Help window


Accessibility features of Management Reporter

In addition to the accessibility features and utilities found in Microsoft Windows, Management Reporter provides the following features to make it more accessible for people with differing abilities:

  • Keyboard shortcuts in Report Designer

  • Keyboard shortcuts in Report Viewer

Note Note

The information in this section applies only to users who licence Microsoft products in the United States. If you obtained this product outside the United States, you can use the subsidiary information card that came with your software package or visit the Microsoft website for a list of telephone numbers and addresses for Microsoft support services. You can contact your subsidiary to determine whether the type of products and services described in this section are available in your area. Information about accessibility is available in other languages, including Japanese and French.

Keyboard shortcuts in Report Designer

To do this

Use this keyboard shortcut

Toggle between the navigation pane and the view pane


Select multiple, contiguous items in the navigation pane

Shift+Up Arrow or Shift+Down Arrow

Go to Report Definitions


Go to Row Definitions


Go to Column Definitions


Go to Reporting Tree Definitions


Go to Report Groups


Go to Report Schedules


Go to Security


Keyboard shortcuts in Report Viewer

To do this

Use this keyboard shortcut

Go to Report Library


Go to Report Data


Toggle between the navigation pane and the view pane


Select the first cell in a report


Select the last cell in a report


Select a row in a report


Select a column in a report


Move to the next page in a report

Ctrl+Alt+right arrow

Move to the previous page in a report

Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow

Open the next report

Alt+Right Arrow

Open the previous report

Alt+Left Arrow

Drill to Dynamics


Add a comment to the highlighted cell in a report


Create a Quick Chart


Send an instant message from a report