Attributes are financial data values that further define an account or transaction. Account attributes may include Asset, Liability, Revenue, and Expense. Transaction attributes may include Transaction Description and Transaction Apply Date. Attribute support may differ between Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems.

The Attribute Filtercell restricts data in FDcolumns to specific values or ranges for attribute categories. This can be used in conjunction with an ATTRcolumn, but the ATTRcolumn is not required. In the FDcolumn, there is a limit on which accounts or transactions will be included in the report from the attribute filter.

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To see which attributes your ERP system supports, see the integration guide for your system.

For information about using account attributes and transaction attributes in the row definition, see Row modifier in row definitions .

Apply an attribute filter for an FD column in a report

  1. In Report Designer, open the column definition to modify.

  2. Double-click the Attribute Filtercell for an FDcolumn.

  3. In the Attribute Filterdialogue box, double-click a cell in the Attributecolumn, and then select the filter type.

  4. To further limit the results, enter a range in the Fromand Tocolumns. The Fromcell must contain a value.

  5. Click OK.


The following table shows an account attribute in the Attribute Categoryrow. The Attribute Filterfor this column specifies the range of values to include in the report.




Column Type



Book Code/Attribute Category



Accounting Year






Periods Covered






Column Width






Attribute Filter



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