To multiply and divide columns, type the column letters in the order of computation, and then use the appropriate operator to separate each column letter. For more information about operators in a calculation column, see Calculation column in a column definition

Multiply or divide a column by base row

You can create a column that displays all of the values in a specified column as a percentage of a base number. This provides a method to show relationships between rows, such as a percentage of a sales row or a percentage of a total expenses row.

To multiply or divide each row in a specific column by a base row, type the column that will be used in the calculation, and then type *BASEROWor /BASEROW. For example, C*BASEROWor C/BASEROW.

Note Note

When you use a base row calculation in a column definition, make sure that each row definition that is used with this column definition contains at least one base row for calculations. For more information, see Select the base row for a column calculation .

Divide amount in column by the number of periods

You can divide the amount in a column by a specified number of periods. For example, the calculation B/Periodsdivides the value in column B by the number of periods in column B. If the calculation spans multiple columns, specify the number of periods to use in the calculation.

For example, the (B+C)/Periodsformula means to add the amounts in columns B and C, and then divide the result by the value of the Periodfor this column.

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