Management Reporter has several levels of security for reports to help ensure that only authorised users can view report data, and that users can view only the data that they have access to.

For example, if you have a report that must be distributed to several users, and each user has different levels of security permissions, you might consider generating the same report multiple times to make sure that each user sees only the data that the user has access to. This would result in multiple copies of the same report, stored in multiple locations on a network share or in email.

With Management Reporter, you can generate a report with personalised levels of access, so that each user can view only the information that the user has access to. You would need to maintain only one copy of the report.

Different levels of security can be applied based on your business model or business need. For example, you might secure reports at the only folder level in the report library, or you might secure an individual report in the report library. If your report uses a reporting tree, you can secure individual reporting units in the reporting tree. In all cases, a secure report link is created whenever you apply one or more levels of security. When a user opens the report link, the report displays only the information that the user has been granted permission to see, based on the security that is applied.

Reporting unit security

The lowest level of report security is based in the reporting tree. Users can be assigned to specific units in the reporting tree definition. For more information, see Restrict access to a reporting unit .

Report library security

The next level of security is in the report library. Users or user groups can be granted access to different folders and reports in the report library. For more information, see Report library security and Change report library permissions .

Report link security

After a report is generated, a report link is created in the output locations that are specified on the Output and Distributiontab of the report definition. You must specify a location in the report library where the report is generated to, and the security settings of the output location are applied to the report, so you can generate to a public folder in the report library or to a more secure folder. If you select a Microsoft SharePoint or network location for the related report link, you must also select a report library location. The report library location determines the security access when the user opens the report link.

Only active Management Reporter users can open a report link, and users can only open report links that they have been granted access to. This helps to ensure that the report displays only the information that the user has access to.

For more information about report links, see Generate a report .

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